Possible links between Jesus, Chromosomes, hormones, and Hematidrosis.

It’s funny how the Catholics portray Jesus as a handsome man, beard, long hair.
Some go even further, and try to hire very nice looking actors, to play the role of Jesus in movies or plays.

But the Isa 53:2 says: “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.”

Luke 4:30 gives a hint, that Jesus looked just like your average everyday Jew, because people didn’t recognize him in the crowds.



Seems like Jesus also suffered from a disease called Hematidrosis.
As he was in the garden, it was said he sweated blood.


I don’t know if this is related, but was reminded of the genetic and hormonal factors that determine if a person is male or female.
Genetically it’s clear if a person is male or female, but hormones can alter a person’s appearance.
Hematidrosis often occurs in the monthly cycle of females.
It is extremely rare to find in males. Most males that suffer from the disease suffer from extreme and prolonged exposure to stress.

The fact that Jesus was male, and suffered from this, definitely had to do with his predicted death on the cross, and He knew it.
But it could also point out that Jesus, born of a woman, though having male chromosomes, may have had odd chromosomes, or hormonal imbalances.

There’ve been studies done on chromosomes that there are more than the common XX and XY chromosomes.

In other words, it appears that the common XX and XY chromosomes aren’t the only ones responsible for a baby’s sex.

How this all relates to Jesus? A lot. Jesus wasn’t born of a man, so he should not have had a XY chromosome. If he was born of a mother, he would have had XX chromosome, which would make him female, since the mother can conceive without a male, but only females, not males.
It’s very interesting to read into these details the further science catches up with how our physical bodies work, and how much of a miracle Jesus was when he was born!

Some articles with more scientific data concerning chromosomes and hormones determening the sex of a child:



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