Better immersion in 4k vs 1080p vs 720p

Though now entering the world of 1080p and ‘4k’, I have to say that 1080p definitely made a difference in the living room!
4k as pictures makes a difference in the living room, and I think I have 18 or 19/20 vision!
Though I can’t see individual pixels from a distance of 3ft or beyond, on a 60+” screen, i do notice the increased (true) sharpness, not an emulated one.

A famous tv presenter from back in the 50’s once said that 80% of a tv program sticks with you from hearing, 20 from seeing.
That was in the day of sub 20″ crt tvs, often black and white, with ~ 240p screens.

That also was in the days, when tv shows where educational, not only for entertainment.

Today there’s more emphasis on the presentation of a program, than on the content. More on the special effects, than on the story line of a movie.
A time where one tries to immerse the person by mega pixels, rather than ingenuity and imagination, because it doesn’t require as much effort, and costs less.

When I look back at some of the movies of old, like the story of Ghandi, the older James Bond movies, or the Sound of Music, I can get immersed in the story even on a 20″ old crt screen.
If you are asking about more immersion, and complain that pixels aren’t going to do, I would say “neither does color improvement”.
Nothing immerses more than better content!
Movie makers should focus on that!


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